Andrew Cottard says hello.

Pierre Fauchard

Update: 12.15.11, I’ve uploaded a revised version of the video. Thanks to KZME, Portland Mercury, Flotzam, and Caliper Music for the write-ups.

Third project in a series of video installations for the band Wax Fingers.

Iditarod (Youtube)

Iditarod is now up on Youtube.

Iditarod posted on Video Militia

The video short I directed for the band Cascade Array was recently posted here at Video Militia, a very cool music video blog that features distinctive music videos released through the internet. Check it out – and the myriad of other great videos they have posted – and support the site!


…and welcome to The Pasture.

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“The truth is that it is natural, as well as necessary, for every man to be a vagabond occasionally.”


This is a video short I created for the local indie-rock band, Cascade Array. Much thanks to my crew, Eric Koretz (my inimitable DP), Cindy Thoennessen (long-suffering co-producer), and to band-member Mark Aguirre and his family for letting us invade their East L.A. compound.